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Generational Trauma in African-Americans, Part 1




1:30 pm-3 pm, May 23

About the Course

Violence in all its forms has become commonplace in our nation. And for Gen Zers coming-of-age now, the perpetual acts of mass violence may feel inescapable.

This workshop explores the concept of generational/transgenerational trauma with specific attention to how it affects Black people in the United States. It will explore the church’s role in healing and being a place of refuge.

Participants. will identify the historical and cultural dynamics associated with generational trauma, reflect on how it shows up in daily lived experienceS, and pinpoint strategies for combatting and responding to generational trauma.

Your Instructor

Dr. Jessica Brown

Dr. Jessica Brown, PhD, LCP
Dr. Jessica Young Brown is a licensed clinical psychologist who works as a clinician, educator, consultant, and speaker. Her research and clinical work focus on making mental health accessible and equitable for people in marginalized communities, and equipping mental health professionals to better serve these communities.
Dr. Brown’s areas of interest and expertise include the impact of racism and race-related stress on mental health, generational and cultural trauma, and the intersection of faith and mental health. In addition to various peer reviewed and popular media articles, Dr. Brown is the author of "Making Space at the Well: Mental Health and the Church."

Dr.  Jessica Brown
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