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The History of Black Catholics in the United States.jpg

The History of Black Catholics
in the United States

Cyprian Davis |  1990

From Slavery to Freedom.jpg

From Slavery to Freedom:The Story of Father Augustus Tolton

Fr. William J. Donnelly | 2010.

Augustus Tolton The Church Is the True Liberator.jpg

Augustus Tolton: The Church is the True Liberator

Joyce Duriga |  2018

From Slave to Priest.jpg

From Slave to Priest: The Inspirational Story of Augustus Tolton

Sister Caroline Hemesath | 2006

Fr. Augustus Tolton The First Recognized Black Catholic Priest in America.jpeg

Father Augustus Tolton: The First Recognized Black Catholic Priest in America


Corinna Laughlin & Maria Laughlin | 2015

Desegregating the Alter.jpg

Desegregating the Altar: The Josephites and the Struggle for Black Priests 1871 – 1960

Stephen Ochs | 1993

A Boy Called Gus.jfif

A Boy Called Gus: 
A Story About Father Augustus Tolton


Sabrina Penn | 2010.

Father Augustus Tolton Brief Biography.jpg

Father Augustus Tolton: A Brief Biography of a Faithful Priest and Former Slave

Joseph N. Perry | 2013


Enduring Faith Documentary
Daybreak TV Productions of the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo | 2000


Enduring Faith.jpg

Heed the Call – Do You Have the Courage? Tolton
Archdiocese of Philadelphia Vocation Office for the Diocesan Priesthood | 2017

Brochures & Prayer Cards

An Hour with Augustus Tolton.jpeg

Maurice J. Nutt | 2019

An Hour With Augustus Tolton

Augustus Tolton Prayer Cards.png

Father Augustus Tolton Prayer Cards

Archdiocese of Chicago

Pilgrimage Guides

Augustus Tolton Pilgramage Guides.png

Tolton Pilgramage Guides

Archdiocese of Chicago | Department of Parish Vitality and Mission

Augustus Tolton Pilgramage Quincy.png
Augustus Tolton Pilgramage Quincy.png

Tolton Sites Guide

Quincy Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

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