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Chicago Tolton Essay Winners 2023


Chicago Ambassadors



Students from Chicago-area Catholic Schools Honored
Congratulations to the Chicago Tolton Ambassadors 2023 Tolton Essay winners. Students submitted essays answering specific questions about Fr. Augustus Tolton. The winners and finalists were honored in May at a banquet at St. Benedict the African Church.
The honorees are:
The 5th- and 6th-grade category:
First place: Aniya Mallory, 5th grader from St. Benedict the African Parish.
The 7th- and 8th-grade category:
First place: Lucy Treese, 8th-grader, Ascension Catholic Elementary School in Oak Park.
A tie for 2nd place:
Emmanuel Casalez, 8th grader, St. Leonard Catholic School.
Avey Mallory, 7th grader, St. Benedict the African Parish.
Three-way tie for 3rd place:
Joseph Brimm, 8th-grader, Lord of Mercy Parish.
Khloe Norman, 7th-grader, St. Ailbe School
Isabella Renteria, 8th grader, St. Leonard Catholic School.
Not all students are pictured.

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